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I’m not gonna lie, writing papers can suck. Even as someone who mostly writes newspapers for life these days (like this article), I have been looking at every paper document with a shade of fear …

In the end, writing paper is not like working mathematical problems or reading a chapter of a book. As frustrating these actions, they always seemed more final than the monumental task of “writing paper.”

However, when I moved to college, I designed the system to paint the records in record time. This will allow me to spend more time on what I’ve enjoyed, such as writing for this blog and taking a long walk in the forest. Today I am going to share this process so that you can also write paper faster (without reducing the quality of your writing) ..

Impossible? Read it to see how it works …

The ultimate waste of time writing paper is to write something that does not even answer the question asked by the professor. Don’t be afraid to ask the professor to explain any part of the task that is not clear ..

If the mission seems vague, it’s not because the professor is trying to drive you. They often know their field so well that it is easy for them to think that some things are “obvious” … even when they are not experts for us …

And yet, when I was an English TA in college, I saw the problem all the time. The students will spend hours studying and writing a newspaper on a completely different subject than what the professor was charged with. It doesn’t matter how good a paper is-if it doesn’t answer the question, it will get a bad variety …

The best screenplay, the Professor is good, and allows me to rewrite it, but why all the extra work? Besides, I’m asking the professor to clarify.

Once you understand the assignment, you need to start your research.

To overcome the temptation of delay in research, I use my favorite approach to beating all forms of delay:

It will take more time than it puts you in a profit margin. Don’t worry about the lack of information. If you discover that you need more information after you start writing,

” It is impossible to determine every detail of your dispute before sitting, looking at the sources and trying to write. Most students leave their hierarchical path soon after their fingers hit the keyboard. “.

-Cal Newport, “How to Use a Flat Outline to Write Outstanding Papers,”

Ever since I learned how to use the traditional eighth grade paper, I felt that the system was broken. I never created an outline with bullets and numbers and letters before I wrote the paper. I always did one by one, because I was.Starting with college, I developed my own methodology, which was much more effective. As it turned out, my technique was not so original after all. As Cal Newport explains, it’s called.

  • Do not construct a hierarchical path. Instead, list the topics that you want to decide in the order in which you want to work ..
  • To find the sources for the partitions that are still in need of support, click the
  • button.Dump all relevant citations from the sources at
  • Converts the theme-level scheme to a document. Don’t start with the clean screen …
  • Isn’t that much better? The flat circuit works because it is.

    So you have a clear understanding of the subject, you’ve done your research, and your flat plan is ready. Now you need to sit down and write a sucker. But not so fast:

    Because, after a delay, the biggest hurdle for quick writing is a distraction. If you do not have an environment where you can focus, you will spend time jumping between paper and whatever distractions …

    To verify that the focus is on the primary zen server, you must create a recording environment that will be enabled.

    Every paper you write doesn’t have to feel like a wheel. Your goal in writing college paper is to fulfill the requirements for the assignment as it happens.

    The way to make sure you don’t get into the structure is simply to choose a standard structure for your discipline and follow it. Save the originality of the arguments. So how do we find these elusive?

    In addition, pay attention to the testimony your professor assigns to the class. This should give you an idea of the academic conventions that you should stick to in your newspapers. It is easy to go through an article and focus on information that ignores the structure (that the structure should not distract you). But if you’re a couple.If this is too advanced or too much work, the other variant is Google “SUBJE NAME paper template”. Just be careful with the source-template from the university is fine; one on some random student page Blogger, not so much ..

    If you expect the document to be the total number of pages 5-7, you can write a document that will be 7 or even 8 pages. In the end, better, right?If you are not sure, think about it: I rarely wrote more than the minimum number of pages, and I constantly received “A” in English, “History”, “Religion” and “Education classes ..

    ”.Knowing this, why do you need to write more than you need to write? It’s not just a waste of time or effort.

    Of course, your paper must be good for this job. To get advice on improving the quality of your papers, check out my post.

    Edit and edit at the same time as all forms.

    Just like that, never stop looking when you write. If you don’t know anything, just record it and come back later. At best, looking at something, taking your record, but most likely it will drag you into the Internet-rabbit-rabbit, which really grains the entire process of writing …

    The purpose of this method is to save you to.

    One of the greatest obstacles to starting work on the document is the introduction. If you think about it, this difficulty makes sense:

    That is why you should not write the introduction until you finish the main text of the document. I know it sounds like an intuitive approach, but I want you to try it. This method avoids what has happened to me more than I can count: write a newspaper and understand that my inthree does not even fit into the final paper …

    The same applies to the conclusion. Write the last one. At the end of the day,

    When you write a draft, you need to get some privacy and focus. But when you edit, when someone else looks at your work, it can speed up the process. Why? Because.When it comes to finding someone who can help you edit, you have several options:

    Adding quoting is the worst, especially when you’ve just spent hours writing paper and so on. If you don’t want to spend more time on paging through some style guide, do yourself a favor and use the citation/citation management tool ..

    It does not hurt to look at your quotations before sending, because these tools are not perfect (especially when it comes to digital sources) ..

    This hint is not part of the writing process, but it can change the speed and quality of the record. In my college, the definition of “write-intensive” varies from professor to professor, but it has always meant a lot of writing, often one (short) essay a week in addition to the final paper 20 pages ..

    Each of these sessions was intense, but at the end I always found the best writer. This goes beyond acceleration, although this is one of the main advantages. I also found that the quality of my arguments and analysis has increased, along with the enormous improvements in my research.

    If your college offers courses specifically designed to improve your letter, do yourself a favor and take at least one. The strong writing skills always benefit both college and its limits ..

    In the end, writing paper is a lot of work. But if you follow this process in this article, you can do it more quickly without loss of quality ..

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